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 Rockford MakerSpace


Finding us can be a bit of a challenge! We’re sorry for that.

We are located in a turn-of-the-century warehouse building in downtown Rockford. For those familiar with downtown, we’re near Octane Restaurant, The District Restaurant, the main library, and Memorial Hall.

The official address is 203 N. Church Street, but oddly we’re not actually on Church Street. Access to the space is via the alley off of Mulberry St.

If you want to use your GPS to get close, plug in 311 Mulberry St, Rockford, IL 61101 (that takes you to City Tobacco & More).

Parking is generally available along Mulberry Street or in the public lots at Mulberry/Main

There is a doorbell by the door. If nobody answers, sorry we missed you! Rockford Makerspace is entirely run by volunteers. We can only be open when we have a volunteer available.

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