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 Rockford MakerSpace

Welcome to Rockford MakerSpace!

You personally may not have an enormous workshop filled with amazing tools…but now you do!

Rockford MakerSpace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community workshop and laboratory. The space provides an environment for tinkerers, artists, engineers, designers, machinists, hobbyists, programmers, makers, and thinkers to collaborate and have access to tools and learning opportunities to pursue their interests.

Stop By

We regularly hold Open Houses where the public is welcome to visit, tour the shop, bring stuff to work on, and use most of the tools in our shop. Check our Classes and Events page for dates.

Our model

…is non-profit, designed to get more people involved in making things together. Guests are welcome to use the space and many tools for free, as long as a hosting member is present. No pressure to join, ever. That said, there are advantages to membership! Rockford MakerSpace members pay affordable monthly membership dues and receive 24/7 access. We’re member-run... we’re not only building stuff, we’re also building a makerspace and community!

Feedback and ideas are always welcome, although we’ll warn you, we might just congratulate you on your great idea and ask when you plan on getting started!

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